The Clever Eagle

The Clever Eagle

The eagle lived in tropical area which happened dry season. There was dry river stream, bleak landscape, and many deciduous trees can’t produce fruit. All animal in the forest shortage of food and drink. One day, an eagle saw a round object that have brown colour is very interesting to eat. And then, an eagle strucked a round object from ground of rocks.

On the way, when an eagle bring up a round bject, his trough a cave to arrive a nest in the rock mountain. He was pause because of the heat while loking for object is brought which turn ot to be gravel. Suddenly, it fell from his grip and making sound “pyur” as inclouded in a puddle of water.

When looking into under, it was no water but it looks a litle wide-mouthed  jar which squirt water when a particle of gravel that fell into it.  An eagle was baffle when saw a jar but he can’t entered it. Because the day was very hot, he was thirsty. He was happy to get water. Actually in the cave the water always dripped from the roof of the cave. And then the eagle knew, that jar used to accomodate water droplets. Finally, an eagle drank the water with his beak open up above the dripping water sources.


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I live to healthy and be happy with Jesus. Panggilan saya sehari-hari Tami.. Ramah, sopan, dan murah senyum...percayalah.. saya gak gigit koq :D :D :D Berteman dengan saya santai tapi serius.. Thats about me. bye :D
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